Analyst Blasts EU Mainstream Media for Ignoring Terrorism, Demonizing Russia


Analyst Blasts EU Mainstream Media for Ignoring Terrorism, Demonizing RussiaCC0Politics17:20 02.09.2017(updated 20:48 02.09.2017) Get short URL4518230

It appears that the EU mainstream media deliberately focuses on the alleged threat posed by Russia while ignoring far more tangible and pressing concerns like terrorism, according to a Polish political analyst.

As Polish political analyst Aleksander Kwasniewski told Sputnik Polska, there’s no room for space for a clear-headed debate because of the “militarized atmosphere that is being fanned by mass media.”

The analyst explained that the latest attack in Italy, where a young Polish woman was reportedly raped by four North African migrants in front of her boyfriend, confirms that “the government of babblers” refuses to see the real problem while protecting itself with government agencies and security measures bought with taxpayer money.

He pointed out that the daily news is “filled with Russia and Putin, and lately by North Korea as well” so that the audience remains focused on these alleged threats, adding that lately Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban was also added to this list because “independent thinking became a sin.”

“And no one even bothers to think that the demonized Russia and the imaginary threat it allegedly poses haven’t claimed a single European’s life, which cannot be said about the “guests” of EU leader Angela Merkel. The (North) Korean missiles also didn’t harm humanity, but it is these threats that we’re constantly being told about,” he remarked.

The analyst noted that the reports about terror victims are being presented as statistics, without stressing the fact that they are the result of a real threat.

“Terrorism paralyzes the European society, but this threat is being diminished or outright ignored even as the bodies keep piling up. So which threat should you be afraid of – the real one or the imaginary one?” Kwasniewski inquired.

According to him, many Western European politicians act all brave and bellicose while hiding behind their societies, using them like “human shields.” And while the terrorist threat is being combated by mourning processions and condolences to the victims’ families, vast sums of budget money are being spent on armaments for the future war against Russia.

“The babblers are being protected by government apparatus while the society becomes a barricade separating killers and rapists from the people responsible for the tragedy. And the latter keep talking about the future war with Russia, China and North Korea while allowing the people to deal with the one that goes on in the streets – basically by abandoning the people to terrorists,” he warns.